Bankers Club -- End of an Era?

The Intrepid One (patent pending) notes the demise of the once-mighty Bankers Club:
When the Bankers Club opened in downtown Miami in 1972, lawyers, bankers and real estate moguls flocked there for three-hour martini lunches with clients enjoyed in a plush, stately room with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay.

Memberships were $1,000 a year plus $100 a month, but that didn't deter 1,440 of Miami's power elite from joining the tony club on the 14th floor of One Biscayne Tower at the height of its popularity in the mid-1990s.

With no fanfare, the Bankers Club closed its doors Thursday, ending an era that has been replaced by professionals grabbing quick lunches at their desks, dining at a wide selection of new downtown restaurants and saving time for fitness workouts.
So three-martini lunches have given way to a WOD and a kale smoothie?

How do you feel about this?

I'm as nostalgic as they come, but over the years I've gotten less tolerant of fondly recalling times and institutions that suffered from the limiting prejudices of their day.

Is this an institution whose closing we should be mourning?

I certainly had my share of pleasant lunches and cocktails at the club, particularly in the late 80s and early 90s when it was nearly as popular as the City Club (but not as nice of a view).

But can I say I will truly miss it?

Not as much as a nice thick Black Angus steak......


  1. Your writing and thoughts really flow. Good blog.

  2. That place was a pretty solid and convenient venue for local bar-association events -- e.g., Inn of Court events, FBA events, etc. I guess they'll now be held at the Hyatt (also a relic), unless somewhat starts getting creative.

    For what it's worth, it was always my impression that the vegetarian dish (always pasta) was always better than the chicken-on-a-stick thingy that was the staple dish there. The key lime pie was always solid.

  3. no one reading this blog remembers when the Banker's Club was cool. Yes the view was spectacular and the ambiance interesting, but the food was always mediocre to anyone I brought there. In the past 10 years the restaurant scene downtown, brickell and on the beach has improved so much that clients now request celebrity restaurants or places they saw on the Food Network or read about in Conde Nast when theyre in town. They wont settle for an average meal at a stuffy "club" anymore when there are such great options nearby with busty hostesses and bartenders, etc. BC just couldn't keep up.

  4. I will take a Capital Grill NY Strip Med Rare and a Macallan 18 any day over the slop they served there.

  5. The Miami club was much better. I recall some great orange bowl parade parties there....always with Bobby G in attendance

  6. I was partial to Flynn's Dixie Ribs. But Black Angus always put an onion ring on the steak. Classy.

  7. The first and last time I ate at that 80's throwback was in 2005, and I'm shocked it lasted another 9 years.

  8. Harry Payton ate there daily..C'mon man. That was like the nursing home of old miami lawyers who cant order off the Zuma menu.

  9. Sampling the "lavish buffet"..reminds me of Picadilly.

  10. Next in line for extinction? The private country club. Thankfully, Caddyshack and Mad Men will be around to stoke the nostalgic yearnings.


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