Just Your Regular Rabbi-Punching Day At a South Florida Winn Dixie!

So I don't know about you, but punching a man "dressed as if he were a rabbi" seems pretty much par for the course at my local Winn Dixie:
Outside, Ortiz saw two individuals involved in a “scuffle” who looked like they were about to fight. (Id. (citation omitted)). Ortiz told the two to “knock if off” and called the police when they continued. (Id. (citation omitted)). At some point, Johnson sat down next to Villar, who, he later said, was so “seriously drunk” he fell on top of Johnson. (Id. ¶ 4 (citations omitted)). Villar verbally harassed a woman exiting the Winn-Dixie store, tried to physically assault her, and then pushed “a man dressed as if he were a [r]abbi to the ground” and punched him.
But according to the plaintiff, he was not "seriously drunk" but merely in a state of "normal intoxication":
Villar disputes this version of the events. (See generally Pl.’s SMF). He denies being “severely” intoxicated the day of his arrest, stating he was “under the influence of a normal intoxication combined with a rise in blood sugar, known as hyperglycemia.” (Id. ¶ 2). His unconscious or semi-conscious appearance that day was the result of suffering an injury to his head and as a result of his undiagnosed diabetes. (See id.). Thus, he disputes the characterization that he was self-intoxicated.
Of course -- the undiagnosed diabetes made him do it!

(Explains seven years of Hebrew school)


  1. I remember asking for Kosher salt at my local Winn Dixie and being told, "You mean the Jew salt?"

    Yes, that must be it.

  2. You need kosher salt if you want to put bacon on your oysters.

  3. Good one, SFL. That photo and the label "rabbi-punching" are hilarious.

  4. Lechón is not the same without my Kosher salt.


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