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The Biebs Sizzurp Connection!

So did you enjoy sitting all day in a floatie, eating charred flesh while watching people blow things up?

I know I did!

But in (hyper) reality land, this lawsuit against poor misunderstood The Biebs is getting out of control:
There is currently no known physical evidence that Bieber takes sizzurp that would satisfy any legal court criteria.

It’s claimed Munoz’s lawyer believes the singer’s friends will sing like canaries when grilled about an alleged link between Justin’s “bizarre, aggressive behavior and his consumption of sizzurp, weed and alcohol,” according to TMZ.

Munoz’s lawyer seems to be taking cues from similar tactics used by a lawyer in yet another paparazzo lawsuit against Bieber. In that suit Braun will reportedly be probed on the singer’s alleged and – unproven – use of steroids.
Steriods and sizzurp -- btw, here is the definition of "sizzurp": a narcotic cough syrup base which typically mixes codeine, promethazine and soda.

I don't know about you, but I call that breakfast!
Can someone explain why this lawsuit is still going on -- how much money could be at stake?

Is there some reason this thing has not been quietly settled?
What is Roy's master strategy?


  1. If that punk gives in on this, he will be targeted forever and ever. Yes, that will happen to some extant, but he can't just go rolling over on this one.

  2. If that punk gives in on this, he will be targeted forever and ever. Yes, that will happen to some extant, but he can't just go rolling over on this one.

  3. Massive judgment in his future.

  4. That photo is amazing. I know it's shopped, but him being lifted like a lazy midget is still in the original source.

    Kind of confused how Beibs getting wrecked equates the violence used by his bodyguards. If anything, wouldn't it show he wasn't involved in supervising them properly rather than instructing them to use violence to thwart photography?

    Shumie time.


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