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The Coveted SFL "Bump"!

Do you care what some anonymous blogger thinks about our judicial races?

I certainly don't.

But if you do, read on:

Alright kids, here are our picks --

Miami-Dade County Court Judge:

Group 19 - Rachel DOOLEY
Group 36 - Nuria SAENZ

Miami Dade County Circuit Court Judge:

Group 70 - Renier DIAZ DE LA PORTILLA
Group 16 - Stephen MILLAN
Group 26 - Rodney SMITH
Group 58 - Martin ZILBER
Group 67 - Fleur LOBREE
BTW I'm advised these are the same picks offered by my buddy Big Shot Commissioner Mike Grieco; that's ok -- great minds etc.

(Did someone mention Mike Grieco?)


  1. The bump is not done right unless backsides are banging together. And here I thought you lived through the 70s?

  2. "I can attest that to being a father."

  3. I love your blog, SFL, but, man, the comments about the upcoming judicial elections are so much better and plentiful on Rumpole than the one's on here. (Not talking to you, GW!)

  4. no one cares about state court judges here, unless one gets arrested or fails to consider the Kozel factors. duh.

  5. state court hacks

  6. State court = sewer.

    The quality of the state court trial bench is at an all time low.

  7. Prophecy:

    If Victoria Ferrer defeats Judge Nuria Saenz then the fload gates will open wide and 2016 will be the year of the changing of the guard.

    If judges were concerned before, they should panic if this young and inexperienced attorney wins. I say go and tell your friends to support Judge Saenz. We need an experienced judiciary. Help yourself legal community.

    Stay tuned!

  8. rump, stay in your lane

  9. Running twice and losing twice and having his head up the proverbial arse of the Christian Coalition (Millan) does not make him more qualified than someone with 15 years as the administrative traffic hearing officer, vice chair of the Dade County Bar Association Criminal Courts Committee and member of the City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel (Cobitz). Other than that, I can agree with your picks, SFL--though Grieco is the worst kind of publicity-seeking tool.

  10. 8:29, thanks for your pushback on that.

  11. Saenz is in United Auto's pocket. She hasn't tried a case in two years. Ferrer is the only hope we have against big money in our judicial elections.


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