The Silicon Chip Inside Her Head Gets Switched To Overload...

Sometimes blogging is hard, thankless work. But other times the posts just write themselves. For example:
The Florida Supreme Court has suspended indefinitely a lawyer who drew attention with assertions that others controlled and tortured her through a microchip illegally implanted in her brain. 
Janice L. Jennings, 55, may not accept new clients and must cease representing existing ones after Aug. 1, the court ordered, acting on a emergency petition from the Florida Bar.
She was ordered to undergo evaluation by the nonprofit Florida Lawyers Assistance organization and by a private psychologist or psychiatrist to be named by a Bar referee.
The court asked Pinellas-Pasco Chief Judge J. Thomas McGrady to choose the referee — typically a county, circuit or senior judge who will act as an agent of the Supreme Court while the Bar assumes the role of prosecutor. 
The suspension is a temporary measure intended to protect potential clients while Jennings gets due process and while the Bar makes its case. 
"The Bar could still move for disbarment or a lengthy suspension," said spokeswoman Francine Walker. "There are many more steps that could be taken after the emergency suspension."

It is highly unlikely that Ms. Jennings really does have a chip implanted in her brain, but it's not entirely outside the realm of possibilities.


  1. That IS sad. I have no snark. I may later though.

  2. HI - this is Spencer Arronfeld. As many of you know, the CIA has been putting chips into people's heads and controlling their thoughts for years. But most people don't know that the CIA needs your permission to do this. If you think you have a chip in your head that you didn't agree to, you may be entitled to a cash reward. Call 1-888- no-chips. Lawyers from my firm are standing by to help you.

  3. Tell me the story again about the guy who had his pepe chopped off but spenser still lost the trial.


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