3d DCA Watch -- Klock v. Cantero!

Hi there timewasters!

Here's a little-known fact about the bunker:  often during the summer, purely for entertainment, the coffee-swillers will gather adversaries into, well, an arena of sorts, where these noble and honorable gladiators are forced into deadly battle -- all to amuse the distracted and otherwise bored Resplendently Robed Ones.

Recently, two of our most prized prize-fighters squared off.

And a tipster actually secreted to us this real time footage!

BTW my money's on Klock (it always is).


  1. This is what happens when Klock litigates with a Moran.

  2. Call out the Klingons!

  3. Shoulda hired angel cortinas!!!! Everyone's scared of him !

  4. Since we are writing about WTF people, I wanted to share a bit about the come back kid. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

    Follow his BS at: @MiamiSup

    The SexTer has made his initial scumback moment into a comeback status.

    Crazy reality! The perv is a role model. Like PutBul getting honorary degrees. WTF!

  5. You should've posted a clip to Grudge Match, starring Stallone and De Niro. That would've been a more apt analogy.

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