Marley, Poe Exonerated!

Sometimes the courts have to state the obvious!
The (New Jersey) Supreme Court voted 6-0 today to uphold the appellate ruling and ordered a new trial for Skinner. Justice Jaynee LaVecchia wrote that using the lyrics as evidence was "highly prejudicial," "bore little or no probative value" as to any motive in the shooting, and "risked poisoning the jury." "One would not presume that Bob Marley, who wrote the well-known song 'I Shot the Sheriff,' actually shot a sheriff, or that Edgar Allan Poe buried a man beneath his floorboards, as depicted in his short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart,' simply because of their respective artistic endeavors on those subjects," LaVecchia wrote. "The Court reasons that defendant's lyrics should receive no different treatment."
In related news, Mick Jagger was frequently always satisfied, I don't actually kill gods*, and Rick Astley won't return my calls.

*I just make them cry like babies


  1. You and Astley were an item GW?

  2. No, but I was aggressively pursued by Richard Simmons at the height of his popularity. But... that hair. Ugh.

  3. What if, under the rule of completeness, Marley could inform the jury that he did not shoot the deputy?

  4. Shorts are not an obstacle! They come off!

  5. Does this ruling mean that the AC/DC crew gets a second chance when they appear before St. Peter and he produces "Highway To Hell" as Exhibit A in their indictment to eternal damnation?

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