Redlands Attorney Launches Surfside Bar Association!

I'm paraphrasing, but that's my takeaway from the Intrepid One's DBR story today:
When Donald Trump announced he was buying the Doral Golf Course-now called the Trump National Doral Miami—attorney Santiago Cueto started thinking about business and legal opportunities in the sprawling Miami suburb.

He googled "Doral Bar Association" and discovered none existed.

So Cueto took matters in his own hands and launched the Doral Bar Association. Some 70 people attended the launch party last week, held at the Mercantile Bank.

"I'm board certified in international law, and there are a lot of international businesses in Doral," said Cueto, who runs Cueto Law Group in Coral Gables. 
Ok, I know and like San and he's a good attorney, but what about this part: "who runs Cueto Law Group in Coral Gables."

Actually, I have a bigger problem with this part :
The Doral Bar already has a website,, and several officers, including Cueto as founding president; Miami personal injury attorney Spencer Aronfeld as vice president; Coral Gables immigration lawyer Leslie Snyder as vice president; and Coral Gables solo attorney Aura Olivas as secretary. The treasurer position is vacant.
No, not the part about them all being from the Gables, but how could Big Spence be relegated to Number 2?

Number 2?

We're just busting chops of course -- in all seriousness we wish them much success -- it's a good idea and we hope it takes off.


  1. SFL, you are the ******* man (or woman). Great post!

  2. Another Trump dump, just what the world needs.

  3. Another dead on winner!!

  4. Happy Friday, SFL. :))

  5. Bylaws state "Members and officers are required to have heard of Doral, or passed it on an expressway."

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