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A state appeals court on Thursday rejected Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's request to hold off on deciding the constitutionality of Florida's gay-marriage ban until after the U.S. Supreme Court someday rules on the issue. 
“Upon consideration, appellant’s motions to stay briefing are denied,” the Miami-based Third District Court of Appeal said in a terse ruling Thursday. 
“That is the best news of the day. We would have been sitting in limbo for an undetermined amount of time,” said attorney Bernadette Restivo, who represents Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones, two Key West bartenders who on July 17 won the right to marry in Monroe County Circuit Court. “Pam Bondi’s stay would have caused enormous irreparable harm to the plaintiffs and others similarly situated. Every day that we move forward in this case will hopefully mean we are moving closer to ending this oppressive discrimination.”

The smell of victory is in the air and it's a lot like Chicken Parm! 


  1. GW,

    She's mannish. In a doughy, pasty white trashy, Haagen Daz loving kind of way.


  2. GB,

    I have no idea whether that is a compliment or an insult! Let's keep it that way!


  3. The argument that you should wait for the Supreme Court to decide before deciding yourself is exceedingly weak. Courts have an obligation to rule on what's put before them. They are not permitted to dodge tough questions. If courts were to accept the AG's argument, all this litigation all across the nation would come to an end (save further petitioning to the Supreme Court to have it rule on one or more cases).

  4. Exactly right 9:09! But they're getting really desperate. The marriage bans are pure mean spirited discrimination and they are out of ways to hide that fact so any delay will do.


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