RIP Robin Williams

"Robin Williams, the most astonishingly funny, brilliant, profound and 
silly miracle of mind and spirit has left the planet. 

He was a giant heart, a fireball friend, a wondrous gift from the gods. 
Now the selfish bastards have taken him back. Fuck 'em!"

Terry Gilliam


  1. Great actor. This is my favorite Robin Williams's scene though:

  2. There are so many great clips to choose from! Thanks for sharing Literati!

  3. Moscow on the Hudson still holds up. His 82 HBO special was the bomb. Bye bye Garp.

  4. I now feel terribly guilty for not watching "The Crazy Ones."

  5. @Literati: thanks for sharing that link. Made me misty-eyed. I can't believe that was "Armand" in the Birdcage. Wow.

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