SFL Monday Digital Back to School Dump!

Sheesh there's so much happening today, but first:  if you sent your charming, adorable, above-average kiddos off to school this morning and did not immediately FB it -- did it really happen?

Is this really happening:

 Suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi intends on showing up to Town Hall on Monday and reclaiming his office, saying he has the constitutional right do so after being acquitted of federal corruption charges.
The town’s response: If he goes into any unauthorized areas including the mayor’s office “he will be deemed a trespasser and subject to arrest.”
This is a constitutional crisis of the highest order, of a par with FDR's 1937 court-packing scheme, Watergate, almost everything W did, and that time they replaced one Darrin (played by Dick) on Bewitched with another Darrin (also played by Dick).

In other news:

1.  A lawyer has been chasing Rick Scott around for four years (and he's not named Charlie).

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/08/17/4294873/still-suspended-miami-lakes-mayor.html#storylink=cpy

2.  George Sheldon is "Florida-ish" enough!

3.  Citrus canker lawsuits still plodding along:
The attorney for Lee County residents awarded nearly $8 million in compensation for trees destroyed in a state effort to snuff out citrus canker is seeking nearly $4.6 million more.

A jury on July 3 awarded the compensation to residents of 11,700 homes for 33,957 trees killed by the the state. The canker program, run by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from August 2002 to January 2006, failed to stop the disease from spreading.

Plaintiffs' attorney Robert Gilbert filed a court motion Monday seeking $4,573,152 pre-judgment interest in the case. He also is seeking $1,036 per day in additional interest through the date of final judgment.

Meanwhile, Wes Parsons, attorney for the defendants, said Friday the state has not made a decision on appealing the case.
What ridiculous framing -- it's not "more," it is exactly what the statute and law provides when a tortfeasor sits on the money for, like, forever.

Also -- who wants to bet on whether the State takes an appeal?


  1. I see this graphic as an invitation to up the nudity level on this blog. Thanks!

  2. Of course with Pizzi getting acquitted of all charges which arose out of his public office, the Town has to pay all of his defense attorney's fees.

    Can't beat that. Sure beats getting stiffed.

  3. The piz is a putz.


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