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Some Like It Rough; Some Like It Rougher

Happy Monday to you folks! Are you sore from the weekend? Not as sore as some! As a member of a sexual minority I always felt a certain kinship with my brothers, sisters, and hermaphrodites in the BDSM community. If Will and Grace helped take homosexuality mainstream, 50 Shades of Grey may be about to do the same for Dungeon Masters and Mistresses!

What do chains and whips have to do with a legal blog? It's not as big of a stretch as you'd might imagine. BDSM play involves some very potent legal issues.
BDSM activity, even where clearly consensual, can be and frequently is prosecuted under state criminal laws dealing with assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault or sexual abuse. Such criminal prosecution can arise in various circumstances, including:
• The BDSM “scene” turns out to be more intense or painful or harmful than the submissive participant anticipated, and she or he goes to the police.
• Injury is caused that is sufficiently serious or sufficiently visible that it is brought to the attention of the police by an observer, by hospital personnel or by a friend or relative of the submissive participant.
• The police raid a BDSM event and observe conduct that they interpret as unlawful.
• A BDSM relationship ends, leaving the submissive partner with bad feelings, and he or she complains to the police about assault or abuse.
• Someone with a grudge against a participant in the BDSM scene or relationship makes a complaint to the police.
• Or pictures, videos, emails, film or sound recordings of BDSM conduct somehow come into the hands of the police.
All of this leads to some pretty imaginative (NSFW)  'binding' legal contracts, which are significantly less boring than the usual fair. And even if you aren't ready for the full on dungeon experience a firm slap on the buttocks or a little candle wax on the nipples never hurt anyone, much. Keep it spicy!


  1. Forget the violent aspects - the police should continue to raid these "parties" as a health nuisance.

  2. @9:46

    There are no inherent health issues so what are you talking about? Sex doesn't spread diseases, body fluids spread diseases and you can have extreme sex without exchanging body fluids. I can give you some lessons.

    One of the things I find peculiar about some members of the fetish community is that they have no sex at all ~ it's all about the scene and the look.

    Don't try to judge what you don't understand.

  3. What a pick me upper for a Monday morning!! Betty Page was every Don Draper's secret fantasy way back when Reagan was a cigarette pitchman. You are dead on with sex and fetishes. I had a client who was a dominatrix: 99% of that trade does not involve sex as we understand it. All role play stuff. While on the topic, here is one of my favorite blogs: Great way to start what promises to be a very boring week.

  4. Madonna, Betty Page, and Godwhacker! Perfect combo!

  5. Also good pick on Dick Tracy. Underrated.

  6. Thanks!

    If someone cracked a smile my job is done!

  7. Right Godwhacker, that's why the fetish and gay communities (who you celebrate sex partying for) have higher incidences of HIV infection.

    Sure, these things promote good clean safe practices. Numbers don't lie. Unsafe practices = higher infection.

    It is sad that you cannot see the difference between sexuality and sexual practice - in truth, you and people like you who celebrate irresponsible behavior (regardless of sexuality), are responsible for yet another generation of maturing kids learning unsafe practices.

    You sir, are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the asshole right wingers who want to preach abstinence....and just as responsible as them for the ongoing tragedy in this Country.

    Surely, wisdom has not come to you in your old age...and don't call me Shirley.

  8. @3:30

    You sound like you're worried that some people are having more fun than you. Well, they are.

    Your desire to associate diseases with an orientation or a fetish is just factually incorrect. Gay sex and fetish sex do not cause diseases. Diseases cause diseases. I can and have had all day sex marathons with any number of parters and if it is safe it is safe. It's really that simple. People are not statistics, they are individuals.

    If you want to associate a lifestyle element with HIV or STD transmission you'd be better to place blame where it belongs - on club drugs like cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, and meth. Turns out it is hard to remember the condom when you're blasted out of your mind.

    A recent breakthrough in prevention called PrEP apperently provides 100% protection to individuals from HIV infection with as few as 4 weekly doses, no matter how many HIV positive partners they have sex with.

    The desire of people like yourself to slut-shame with ignorance is what really sets us back as a society and prevents the informed dialogue you pretend to want.

    You seem more like a Helga to me.

    Cool link!

  9. Good stuff GW - who would have guessed that you are a misogynist too!

    Anyhow, yes, I do feel a little left out - your trips to the local glory hole leave me jealous and sad.

    But, then again, who wouldn't feel empty knowing that random dudes cheating on their wives and girlfriends are blowing you?

    You really do sound like a right wing nut-job espousing how guns don't kill people...etc.

    How about taking some responsibility and educating your community on the dangers of unsafe practices, rather than trumpeting how great the life is and how these new fangled drugs will prevent you from getting HIV, and not mentioning all the other great STDs one may acquire instead.

  10. S-T-D for you
    Not my fault brother - we swing
    Wish I only knew

    And 5-7-5 is not a sexual position - although I am sure you have a story.

  11. @5:11

    Listen assclown, you're implying your own trip into my post and I'm not having it.

    My parties were invitation only, not random sex. I imagine, like most things, it's hard for you to understand the difference so I'm going to cut you a pass.

    I'm not going to tell people that sex is evil or sex is harmful because it's not. I do tell people how to have sex safely and that saves lives.

    Sorry if that doesn't provide you the "holier-than-thou" moral trip that you crave, but I'm out of stock with that.

  12. Suggesting that what you are doing is the promotion of unsafe habits is not holier than thou...

  13. @7:59

    Take your judgement, your ignorance, and your erroneous suppositions about my life and stick them where the sun don't shine.

    In fact, with my connections in the fetish community, I can arrange to have them stuck there for you.

  14. Thank you for this post Godwhacker!

    To those of you who don't know safe sex is safe, hence the use of the word 'safe.'

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