3d DCA Watch - A Record PCA Day!

Forty-nine (49!) PCAs today! Talk about busy! Today's four (4!) pearls of wisdom from the bunker:

You must proffer evidence that meets the statutory requirements to assert a viable punitive damage claim! Writ of Certiorari granted.

Onto the next one.

You must participate in the proceeding to avoid the court striking your pleadings! Judge Gayles goes out with an affirmance.

You must read your email (and attachments!) before you agree with opposing counsel, or your client is stuck.

Finally, listen to your Bubbe (or if she has passed, Elliot Gould): persons cannot do indirectly what they are not permitted to do directly (reversing summary judgment.)


  1. SFL - I still owe you for the thing with the guy in the place.

  2. Either you need Kozel findings or your don't. Seemed like a bright line rule. But not now. What was black and white becomes grey.

  3. Love the Elliot Gould outfit.

  4. The Handel opinion was a doozie. I actually feel bad for Attorney Sarelson.


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