Are You The "1%"?

Well are you?

Because if you are me and my stinky hippie salt-scrubbed and waxed liberal friends are coming for you in our marijuana-reeking VW Minivan 2005 Toyota Prius to enslave you with crushing top marginal tax rates, higher minimum wages, and renewed environmental awareness.

Just like under that communist Richard Nixon.

If you're not sure if you're in the top 1% Yahoo News has you covered with this handy chart. Turns out you need to be hauling in $367,000 (before taxes) to crack Florida's ruling aristocracy. But if you're not don't worry. As a former bartender/student of humanity for years at Miami's most exclusive hangouts, I learned long ago that money cannot buy happiness. The super-rich can be just as miserable as the rest of us. They just have nicer things to cry on.

In completely unrelated news Obamacare has failed to fail, love wins again, and too much of a good thing is really a thing.


  1. And on the back floor of that VW van will be a few old issues of Rolling Stone and Ramparts that were used to cover the 3 inch rotted out hole that exposed the street below. Peel away that McGovern '72 bumper sticker on the rear window and you will find a McCarthy '68 sticker. And let us not forget that beer stained envelope in the glove compartment that held a hefty stack of "open container" and speeding citations about which you so proudly ignored and about which you ten years later had to explain to, gasp!, a law enforcement agency, with whom you were, (triple GASP!!!!) applying for a job!!!


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