Being Boring

*video has brief but artful nudity #nsfw

Thank god! For a second there I was actually in agreement with Michele Bachmann. Don't worry self, she walked it back!
For years, the GOP congresswoman from Minnesota has been a leader among Christian evangelicals and a vocal opponent of gay marriage. She not only supported a federal marriage amendment; she worked tirelessly as a state legislator in years past to get a an amendment on the ballot banning gay marriage in her home state's constitution. It finally got on the ballot in 2012 and was defeated. And then in 2013, Minnesota passed marriage equality. 
Now Bachmann seems so disillusioned she’s got only one word for gay marriage: “Boring." 
Asked about gay marriage in an interview with me on SiriusXM Progress at the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Friday, Bachmann said, “It’s not an issue," before walking off and adding, “In fact, it’s boring.”
Wasn't she, in this brief unscripted moment, absolutely right? Unless you have a serious connection to the couple, isn't every marriage boring? And if gay marriage is boring and "not an issue," then why are conservatives all over the country still fighting it like it's some kind of Armageddon?

But sanity does not stay long with crazy eyes, especially not after getting called out for the heresy of truth by the rest of her traditional marriage glee squad.
“What I said is that this won’t be the issue that drives the 2014 election,” Bachmann said. “I told the reporter it’s getting boring having them only press this issue with Republicans while ignoring Democrats. 
Whatever Michele. Whatever.


  1. Fear is never boring!

    (That's an old and great song by Adrian Belew and The Bears.)

  2. Fear tastes like aluminum. :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this beautiful video, its been awhile since I heard the song.

    PS: Bubble baths are always fun...... :))

  4. It's one of my all time favorite videos too Princess!

    I was talking to SFL about the HBO movie "Behind the Candelabra." He liked it, but decried it as unrealistic for all the Champaign and bubble baths. "No," I said, "that is exactly what goes on in my house."


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