Bob the Jury Instruction Builder!

At first I thought this was some type of sophisticated Nigerian lawyer spam, but apparently this email is genuine:
The Southern District of Florida has developed a new Jury Instruction Builder tool (JIB) that makes compiling jury instructions quicker and easier than ever before.  Accessible from the Southern District's website (, the JIB tool allows attorneys to prepare a specialized set of instructions from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal's Pattern Jury Instructions.  After selecting from a menu of available criminal or civil pattern instructions, the user immediately receives via email a set of personalized instructions in Word format that is fully customizable.    The JIB tool is available free of charge, and utilizes the latest set of approved Eleventh Circuit Pattern Instructions.  It is also accessible through the Eleventh Circuit's website ( ).
Has anyone tried this out yet?

Let's be honest -- although all good civil litigators like to pretend they are "trial lawyers," very few cases of significance actually go to trial.  What they mean mostly are evidentiary hearings, sj motions, fee hearings etc.

So, all you high-powered lawyers working on RICO case statements and complex fraud cases etc. -- is this thing of any use?


  1. More fun if you could fill in the nouns and adverbs like Mad Libs(c)


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