Brian Tannebaum Is Angry Wrote A Book

This promises to be an interesting read. And I will definitely attend the book release party, as the kid never pours bad wine.

Well done, Brian!


  1. When you search Brian Tannebaum in Google Images, what comes up is interesting.

  2. Wow. Today's 3d DCA opinions are a real cornucopia. Is it too late to get Hippie Hater, the poster who pissed off Godwhacker yesterday, do guest blog today's Third DCA Watch?

  3. I would hate to force Gw to shut down comments again. Reminds me of the kid walking off the playground with his ball.

  4. Any social media marketing planned?

  5. @12:32

    If you have comment on the content of my posts you're welcome to make them. If you have comments about me they will be deleted.

    You remind me of a vandal smearing shit on the walls. You will not be tolerated.


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