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But Who Will Godwhacker Support?

I had to laugh reading this article on how the Florida AG's race is shaping up:
Sheldon knows he's the underdog, saying in his speech Tuesday: "I'm under no illusions. This will be a tough campaign. They will throw everything they have at me."

For now, Sheldon has at least this going for him: Pam Bondi is widely unpopular among same-sex marriage advocates and those who want to see Amendment 2 pass.
Hmm, will these two issues ever get any coverage on this blog?


  1. I've posted bits from Sheldon's campaign site here. His positions are thoughtful, consistent, and kind. A very tough sell in Florida.

  2. He believes in destroying the American family.

  3. @12:11

    That's just so much delusional horse shit. I have a family. I am a son and a son in law. I am a brother, an uncle, a god father, a cousin, a nephew, a grandson, and a mentor to two young men, both raging heterosexuals.

    The only thing anti-family is when some religious nutbag throws their kid out for being gay.

    1. Do you really know some religious nut bag who has kicked their kid out for being gay? I have never seen it.

      I don't believe in the homosexual lifestyle nor would I agree with someone kicking their kid to the curb on that justification.

      The bottom line is politics are politics any way you cut it. The issue is a good politician is one who stands on their moral conviction and the constitution of our country. When one moves off of either they stand for nothing.

      I like Pam Bondi. I think he has been good for Florida. Maybe next time she can run for governor. She would be a far better choice than that sorry looser Crist. Keep Scott in office for now and we will see Florida continue in the right direction.

      The key to defeat is for good me to do nothing (not stand on their principles).

  4. @CAL

    You haven't seen it so it must not happen. Is that really your argument?

    As it turns out gay kids are kicked out of their homes all the time.

    Do you 'do' the evidence thing?

    Being gay isn't a lifestyle. It's how we fall in love and who we fall in love with. My lifestyle choices are: A. Live my life with the man I love or B. fake it with a woman. A is a better choice than B, for all involved.

    Meanwhile the "Pro-Life" party is letting 3 to 6 people die every day because of their failure to expand Medicaid, so don't tell me how good Bondi and Scott are. They are POS in my book.

    Pam Bondi has a lovely career waiting for her as 'generic Fox News blond.' Maybe you too.

  5. 12:11 here - GW, I was just busting your balls being ridiculous.

    Good to know that I have company though. Thanks Cal!

    Hey Cal...what about Pam's own social history? Does that matter to you? What about Scott taking the 5th in depos?

  6. @1:35

    The sarcasm tag "/s" is very useful. The positions I'm up against are so extreme, cartoonish, and ridiculous it's hard to tell the jokes from reality.

  7. Hey GW, I am going to take your comment to me about a career in Fox News as a complement. Instead maybe I should be your next AG or governor. The current politicians in the game are a disappointment. Well then again you wouldn't like me either. You would probably hold my past or principles against me as well.

    As for the homosexual lifestyle I don't buy your opinion about loving someone. Love is a choice not a feeling and my divorce can simply debunk that. My ex-wife chose to divorce because she chose to stop loving. Likewise anyone closing a partner, gay or straight, chooses their relationship and if they want to enter marriage as gay or straight.

    As for Pam or Rick and what they have or have not done I cannot give a full educated comment about their situation or decisions because the only facts I have seen is what the media has fed us in 30 second political spots. If you want me to read their full legal documentation about the things you refer to then I can give you an objective opinion, but I would have to ask you to do the same.

    GW, why didn't you answer my question? Have you seen a religious nut bag kick their kid out because they were gay? In my opinion, any parent that would do that would be considered shallow and reckless, but I haven't seen that situation happen before. I am sure their would be some kind of court cases if that happened but not familiar with any.

    If Bondi is so bad, why aren't you running?

  8. @CAL

    I did answer your question about gay kids being kicked out of their home. I used to be one of them, genius. Do you know how to click a link?

    Click this one here for a well-documented taste of your brand of family values.

    Being gay IS NOT A CHOICE. It is an innate psycosexual response that one has no control over.

    Better, when did you decide to be straight?

    Your Bronze Age suppositions about sexual orientation are irrelevant in the face of modern biology and psychology. You might as well put a bone in your nose and dance for rain. That would be more entertaining than this drivel.

  9. Dude, maybe your wife left you because you're an ass. You seem like an ass to me. That might be a good bet.

  10. GW, you sound bitter and angry.

    Let me ask you are pediafiles born that way as well? Not equalivilating the two, but I have heard that same argument from them as well.

    As for getting kicked out of your home because you say it was because you were gay, let me say I am sorry that happened to you. Kind of sucks. Not to be incentive, but was it solely on that fact or was there something else going on where you got kicked out?

    Just curious, not trying to make you mad. Understand I have a brother who is gay and doesn't even believe he was born gay rather he chose that lifestyle.

  11. Anonymous, nope not an ass at all, just direct and to the point. Sometimes the truth hurts but that is what stretches us to be better.

    Why would I be an ass because my opinion differs from you? That just means we are different and that is what makes our country great.

    Peace out to both of you. Have a good day.

  12. Your brother, like you CAL, has some pretty screwed up ideas that are not shared by professionals who have studied this issue in depth.

    The fact is there are kids getting kicked out of their homes. It's a real thing. Some of them live on the streets. Some commit suicide.

    Some of those suicides can be traced back to attitudes like yours that point to some moral failing, shortcoming, or inadequacy on the part of the victim.

    Am I angry about that? You bet your ass I am. Your misconceptions are pure evil and they cause great harm to people with much less fortitude than me.

    But I'm the one with a loving marriage. You're the one passing judgment on shit you know nothing about. I think that make you the angry one.

  13. I didn't cast judgement on you I clearly stated my opinion, which clearly differs from you. So we disagree, it doesn't make you evil nor does it make me evil only different.

    As for your comments about kids getting kicked out on the street and suicide and even homicide, I don't disagree with you on that at all. What I am saying is I don't know of anyone who has gotten kick out as a minor because they are gay. Can that happen, very possible. Most kids I have seen kicked out their home has been a result of drugs, violence or some other factor. This is something as a parent you have to love your kids, but also have boundaries in your home. That doesn't mean that a parent should ever abuse their authority whether to their spouse or children, period.

    As I said before if you were kicked out because you are gay I find that wrong.

  14. What you're not getting CAL is that whether or not you believe something doesn't make it true or false. It just makes you correct or incorrect.

    On all these issus, you are incorrect. And you are passing judgment, quintessential by stating that homosexuality is a choice. It is not a choice.

    I know. I tried to choose otherwise. It didn't work. It's impossible. And when you demand that people do the impossible sometimes that has very bad repercussions.

    My first remarks to you link to an in-depth, recent Rolling Stone article on this specific subject. I suggest you read it. I suggest you and your brother read up on the subject from some type of science based sources. Science and psychology are real things.

    What you're pushing here is hateful and destructive even if you don't realize it.

  15. I will look at your article and be objective but I will ask you to do something as well. Put God to the test and ask Him to show you objectively if homosexuality is okay either way and if it is not to show you if there is a way out. I know your thinking that is a religious fanatic ideal, but all I can say is put it to a test and see what happens. I won't say it will change your mind and actually may solidify your position.

    I feel you are an object person and I respect your position. Let me know if you're up on my suggestion.

  16. My connection to my maker is strong, intimate, direct, and powerful. It does not filter through a church or book. That connection tells me, without equivocation, that love is what's right in the world including and especially the love I feel towards my husband.

    What's wrong with the world is hate, violence, and greed. I don't practice any of those things.

  17. I am with you on that. Our world lacks a lot of compassion which is rooted in love and thinking of others over self.

    Hang in there and have a good day.

  18. CAL, this kind of behavior happens all of the time. If it was only as simple as being kicked out of the house it would be easy for these kids.

    Once out of the house, these kids will lose their familial support system, many will leave the religion, and many can and do face death on the streets just for being gay.

    Throw the nut bag psychologists, psychiatrists, and family members (all of whom tend to be very religious) and their asinine reparative / conversion therapy, and these poor kids are completely destabilized. I happen to think that this kind of therapy is nothing more than a money grab, but it is couched in other terms.

    Pam Bondi is a tool.


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