DCDBA NTSF:SD:SUV Civil Ethics Seminar!

That group with a lot of initials (actually, it's here) is having a seminar about a few important topics:

1. Gun rights;
2. Government overreach;
3. Constitutional violations;
4. Illegal drone wars;
5. How to rock a hat in South Florida; and
6. Football.

Ok, that's just how I imagine an ideal seminar unfolding for the afternoon moderator.

(What did I miss, Robert?)

It's really a terrific panel filled with notables, including distinguished practitioners and judges plus this guy captured mid-tweet:

Mark your calendars for October 8th -- see you there!


  1. You don't miss much, SFL.

    This should be a good one. The speakers are compelling and the topics are juicy. (Who doesn't like stories of lawyers behaving badly?)

    Tannebaum will be giving away vouchers to get his new book for free,* there's nowhere else to get this many ethics CLEs at this price,** and the food at the Hyatt is pretty good.***

    Full disclosure: A session on the interplay of haberdashery, civil liberties and the limits of government power is not, technically speaking, on the agenda. But there's plenty of networking time built into the event, so who knows what might be discussed in the halls.

    I look forward to seeing you there -- even though I won't actually KNOW if I have seen you there. In a similar vein, Rumpole has promised to attend and reveal himself.****

    * No he won't.
    ** Seriously
    *** Really. Try the bisque.
    **** No he hasn't.

  2. Happy Friday, SFL!!


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