How Badly Do You Hate the TSA?

I'm sure all you fancy white-shoe lawyer types have TSA pre-check so you never have to come near hunky poor man Leo D and the rest of the rabble dancing away in the bowels of the Titanic, but for us ham-and-schleppers it can be a pain.

But not an unconstitutional pain, rules the 11th in a new opinion from the original Pryor:
The Fourth Amendment does not compel the Administration to employ the least invasive procedure or one fancied by Corbett. Airport screening is a permissible administrative search; security officers search all passengers, abuse is unlikely because of its public nature, and passengers elect to travel by air knowing that they must undergo a search. Hartwell, 436 F.3d at 180. The “jeopardy to hundreds of human lives and millions of dollars of property inherent in the pirating or blowing up of a large airplane” outweighs the slight intrusion of a generic body scan or, as a secondary measure, a pat-down. United States v. Edwards, 498 F.2d 496, 500 (2d Cir. 1974) (quoting United States v. Bell, 464 F.2d 667, 675 (2d Cir. 1972) (Friendly, C.J., concurring)).
So take your shoes, belts and jewelry off and like it -- we're keeping America safe!  (while those with Disney e-tickets sail right on by).

Interesting blog fact:  "cartoon dick" is one of our top searches!

Thank you dear readers!!


  1. I'm not opposed to invasive body cavity searches, but could they kill the fluorescent lights, light some candles and add some mood music?

  2. For all of you who don't yet have TSA Pre-check: GET IT. You completely bypass the security line and get your own security screening area where you don't have to take anything off, or anything out of your bags, and for some reason the metal detector never beeps.

  3. PS-it's actually much faster and more pleasant than getting into that piece of shit Broward County Courthouse!

  4. Pre check rocks!!!


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