Long Live The King!

Family members of the late, great Jack Kirby have reached a settlement with Marvel/Disney, avoiding a fiery showdown in the Supreme Court.

Widely viewed as one of the Kings of Comics, Kirby created or co-created some of the biggest names on the page and now on the big screen in the superhero blockbusters that Hollywood has profited from in recent years. However, while his often partner Stan Lee was a Marvel employee, Kirby was a work for hire and had no rights to Captain America, The Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, the original X-Men and the plethora of other characters he played a pivotal part in bringing to life. The settlement between Marvel/Disney is confidential, but you don’t have to be a Supreme Court Justice to know that if a deal was reached this late in the process, it must be a healthy one for the Kirbys – who were holding a lot of the cards for once. Further concluding the matter, the Kirbys today have also notified the SCOTUS that they now want their petition dismissed.
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