Obamacare On A Tear

The Tampa Bay Times breaks it down.
Don't believe the negative campaign ads mocking health care reform. More Floridians have health coverage because of the Affordable Care Act, and even more would be benefiting if Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature would accept $51 billion in Medicaid expansion money. The successes in Florida are particularly impressive since the governor and state lawmakers have been obstructionists at every turn, from refusing to create a state marketplace for health insurance to rejecting millions in federal dollars to implement the reforms to throwing up roadblocks to navigators helping residents sort through their options.
By the numbers.
Number of Floridians who have selected a health plan through the federal marketplace. 
27 percent
Portion of that number who are between 18 and 34, which is important because younger, healthier enrollees help keep costs down. 
91 percent
Portion of Floridians who bought coverage on the federal marketplace who received a federal subsidy.

Number of additional Floridians covered by Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program even though the state refused the Medicaid expansion money. 
Number of additional Floridians who would have health care coverage if the state would accept the Medicaid expansion money. 
Number of Floridians under 26 years old who have remained covered on their parents' health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act.
There is one more set of numbers and that's 3 to 6. That's the number of people who die needlessly every day because they lack medical care that would have been provided under the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. These are our tax dollars coming back to our state. Our state government has no power to stop these tax dollars from being collected. They only have the power to stop them from returning, and isn't that a special kind of stupid?


  1. Here is another number for you. 1.5 billion. That's how much Rick Scott ripped off from the taxpayers as head of HCA.

  2. You're both right. It was Columbia/HCA.

  3. When do I get my $2,500 in savings?


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