As the walls of marijuana prohibition fell a wave of crime and addiction swept the nation as if the gates of hell had opened up to consume all that was good in the world. 

Just kidding, actually it's going great! Consider:

Medical marijuana may lower the number of deaths from painkiller overdoses.
"The striking implication is that medical marijuana laws, when implemented, may represent a promising approach for stemming runaway rates of nonintentional opioid-analgesic-related deaths,"
 Marijuana use seems to lower levels of domestic violence.
Stoner couples fight less, according to a new University at Buffalo study that investigates the relationship between marijuana use and intimate partner violence. The researchers surveyed 634 couples that applied for a marriage license in Buffalo, NY, between 1996 and 1999, throughout the first nine years of their marriages.  Couples in which both spouses reported “frequently” using marijuana also reported the least amount of domestic violence.
 Violent crime has gone down not up.
Homicides went down from 17 to 8 (a 53% drop), automobile break-ins from 2,317 to 1,477 (down 36%) and sexual assaults from 110 to 95 (down 14%). Overall, violent and property crimes dropped more than 10% from last year to this year during the first quarter.
Legal weed doesn't lead to increases in teen marijuana use.
Since the passage of HB10-1284, Colorado’s historical medical marijuana regulation legislation, current marijuana use among high school students in Colorado has dropped from 24.8%  to 22.0% according to the  Federal Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Assessment. 
It should be apparent by now to even the most skeptical drug-warrior that the gloom and doom scenarios propagated by Reefer Madness era propaganda have no basis in reality. Florida has an amazing chance to step forward into a new age with Amendment 2 which will allow the compassionate medical use of marijuana. The objective evidence clearly shows that it does little harm and possibly much good.



  1. Amen. Opponents of medical marijuana are such dinosaurs. And while we're at it, let's get that crook, Rick Scott, out of office.

  2. It makes sense that marijuana legalization should come at the same time as gay marriage. When one man lays with another they must be stoned!

  3. I must have missed all the wild orgies. Mostly we played chess and listened to Floyd. No wonder David Brooks is so upset.

  4. See, we should have joined the Twister crowd!


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