What's Going On Over at Akerman?

Two recent Akerman items caught my eye:

First, there was some kind of altercation over there over something:

A man is suing Akerman, alleging he was severely injured when he was restrained by a security guard while at the law firm's Miami office for a deposition.
Henry Tien of Miami filed the pro se lawsuit Sept. 5 in Miami federal court, alleging negligence by the Miami-based law firm.
The complaint said Tien was ordered to attend the deposition by Akerman shareholder Michael Chavies. When Tien arrived on the 25th floor of the SunTrust International Center, he asked opposing attorney David Robert Black in an elevated voice, "Where is my father?"
Someone at Akerman called a security guard, who "snuck up behind Tien and ... without any warning or announcement to Tien grabbed him forcefully," according to the complaint. The guard slammed Tien's head, shoulder and body against a wall and twisted his right elbow joint "beyond the maximum limit of that joint with intense force," causing tears to ligaments, tendons and nerves. The guard then forced Tien into the elevator to remove him from the building.
I don't know, a simple "Henry, I am your father" might have sufficed.

Secondly, they apparently had an issue with the deadline to file an amicus brief in the Mike Pizzi/Miami Lakes mayor fiasco, now up before the Florida Supremes, though it appears to have been fixed:
Miami Lakes’ attempt to become a part of former mayor Michael Pizzi’s case against Gov. Rick Scott was shot down by the Florida Supreme Court last week.

The court refused to consider the the town’s “friend of the court” brief as an interested party in the case because the brief was filed too late. And now Pizzi is criticizing the council’s decision to spend money on the brief.

“It is a shame that the town wasted so many thousands of tax dollars based on bad advice,” Pizzi said. “The council should reimburse the taxpayers out of their own pockets.”

The Town Council voted, at an Aug. 27 special meeting, to approve a contract with legal giant Akerman LLP to pay a team of attorneys $375 an hour to provide additional legal counsel as the town prepared and filed its motion. The resolution stated that the costs could add up to as much as $50,000.
Only $50k for one (possibly late) brief?  That's actually not that bad.


  1. Keep it classy, Akerman!

  2. Fantastico, SFL! Lovin' it.

  3. What would Magistrate Goodman say!


  4. RE: " "Henry, I am your father"


  5. It's Magistrate Judge Goodman, GB. People really need to stop referring to magistrate judges as magistrates.

  6. Dude - they are not judges. They are mags.

    I'f they were judges they wouldn't require the parties consent to do something more than a ministerial function .

  7. Apparently, 10:57 p.m., you have never perused section 636 of title 28 of the U.S. Code.

  8. So ... will Akerman refund that money?

  9. I really enjoy P. Guyotat's comments. It was an interesting week with Hippie Hater v. Godwhacker, too. Spiced this little blog up a bit.

  10. No, being an asshole troll sucks.

  11. Godwhacker - you are off the deep end. The "censorship sucks" comment, while not made by me, appears to refer to the supremes refusal to accept the brief as a form of censorship .

    You're dumbing the blog down.

    Take your positions , I agree with them. But your temper tantrums and defensiveness are a problem. Seriously.

  12. Listen stalker,

    I could quote you back to yourself; your asinine, bigoted, hateful and homophobic remarks are all over this blog. Don't think that your anonymous signature protects you. I can smell your stink a mile away. If anyone detracts from this blog it is you asshole.

    I'm not your fucking whipping boy. This isn't a 'beat up the fag' site. You don't like me and I don't like you. But look up to the top of this blog. Do you see that little graphic? That's from my day job. I'm part of the team here and I blog at the permission and frequently the request of the owner of this site.

    I really do not give a shit what you think. You certainly don't agree with me on anything.

    I have never done anything to you, save expose the stupidity and bigotry of your lame positions.

    If you have something to say about the substance of my posts you're welcome to say it. But have had quite enough of your boring, repetitious, juvenile, and insulting garbage.

    You're not welcome to give me writing lessons and I wouldn't take them from someone so ignorant as you.

    I'm not the aggressor in this situation. You don't like my posts? Skip them. Skip to the next fucking blog. But I'm not playing with you asshole and you really need to fuck off.


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