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What's It Like To Run an Historic Hotel on Miami Beach?

Well, sometimes it goes down like this:
In December 2011, fifteen police offers, ten code enforcement officers (including Alberto), and five fire officials forcibly shut down the Sadigo a second time for violations of City fire codes. (See id. ¶ 42). The shut down occurred while the Sadigo was hosting the “Poo[l] Art Fair” during the Art Basel Miami Beach art show, forcing guests to vacate the premises. (Id. ¶¶ 42–43). Alberto offered to solve Eisenberg’s problems “by using ‘his people,’ insinuating a bribe would be due from [] Eisenberg. When [] Eisenberg refused by stating he already had legal counsel working on it, Alberto stated . . . Eisenberg would not get far using legal means.” (Id. ¶ 44). Eisenberg was then arrested. (See id. ¶ 45). In April 2012, Alberto and other code compliance officers and fire department inspectors were arrested for accepting bribes. (See id. ¶ 46). Since these arrests, the Sadigo has not received any further code compliance notices or violations. (See id. ¶ 47).
Read the rest of this sordid saga in Judge Altonaga's well-drafted order here.


  1. Bribery? Code violations? What about the sex, drugs, prostitutes, embezzling, and farm animals? Those are real scandals of Miami Beach hotels.

  2. The woman in the background carrying the surfboard makes me think of Judge Ungaro. Heck, what doesn't?



    Long live the first amendment....bitches ;)

  4. Gratitude Challege Day 1!

    We are glad Deborah Baker won't go crazy again creating an unethical "Slate" again to try to corrupt the FAWL elections.

    Sorority days are over Deb.

    For day 2: You shall nerve be a Judge in South Floroda. ;-)

  5. You're a troll and hater.

  6. why is everyone picking on ME?


    - Fake GodWhacker

  7. Oh it is not everyone. This site gets 10,000 hits a day. It's just one particularly ignorant asshole.

  8. Sticks and stones...but censorship shows how weak your arguments are.

  9. I don't censor arguments. I censor THE jackass who cannot debate his points because his bigotry has no place in this age. All he has are personal attacks and they are of neither value nor consequence.


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