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3d DCA Watch -- It's "Hold Your Nose" Bedtime Story Time!

Gather round childrens, this is a bedtime story:
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a bunker.

It was made of most beautiful concrete.

And it adorned a most magnificent highway!

The bunker denizens were most happy wearing their Resplendent Robes and employing primitive exercise techniques in a space built for or by mechanics.

Their toilets and sinks were even bolted!

And that bunker emitted utterances.

And so it was written.

And those written utterances sometimes involved offers of judgment.

Oh yes, they involved offers of judgment.

And more offers of judgment.
Almost always they involved offers of judgment.
One was even written in the pre-iPhone 6 long ago dark age of "2008."

It apparently is still good law.

Even though everyone including Judge Scales thinks it shouldn't be (except for Judge Logue, who thinks it should).

The End.
Now go to sleep Mommy and Daddy want to get their freak on!!


  1. Great stuff!!!

    -Liberal Troll

  2. That video! It's 1994 and I'm dancing shirtless at Amnesia, open air with a gentle rain and that bitch Molly aint even in sight.

  3. I'm starting to get smitten with Liberal Troll.

  4. I like to look in the mirror and touch myself.

    -Liberal Troll

  5. PS: How can anyone not love GW & his comments!! :)

    "Let's get unconscious, honey...."

  6. Liberal Troll: are you the troll who thinks Godwhacker's a narcissistic shitty writer or am i confusing you with one of the other trolls who popped up here in the last few weeks?

  7. I'm the guy who sticks his finger up his butt and then runs to shake your hand.

    -Liberal Troll

  8. this is how it's done

  9. If you don't have critics, you're not making any waves.

  10. Hey, quit copying and trolling the troll...

    I am the guy who agrees with almost all of GWs politics, but do not fancy his writing or...dare I say put it blandly...his self-centered view of the universe.

    But really I"m just jealous of his huge balls and massive whacker.

    -The Real Liberal Troll

  11. No, you are the troll who lost every reasonable debate with me and now want to pretend that we agree, but you just don't like my style.

    You are worse than a worm, and no I will not sell you my used jocks.

  12. HEY!!!

    Changing the trolls posts is trolling !@#$!@#$!@#!^

    Very funny though - I was like - wait, did I write, no, I didn't


    Best post you have ever done.

  13. It's in meltdown now. Someone call the troll a waaaambulance!

  14. An avid tipster pointed out that the original article from which most of my riff is based is even more hilarious when you really dig into it. It's true and well worth another read:!OpenDocument


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