3d DCA Watch -- Jesus Christ I'm Bored Edition!

Sorry my head space yesterday got consumed with runaway Nazis and voter fraud (also Big Stu!), but I'm back and ready to rise and grind!

But is our bunker?

Jesus Christ this should be obvious:
In sum, reviewing the order as well as the trial judge’s comments in making its ruling we conclude the order at issue did not dismiss the action or case, but only dismissed the complaint with leave to amend upon a showing that the Barbados action had been terminated. The September 23, 2013 order denying Branch’s motion to amend based on a determination that the court lacked jurisdiction to consider that motion by virtue of dismissal of this action on April 29, is, therefore, contrary to both the letter and certainly the intent of that order.
It also is incorrect as a matter of law. “An order of dismissal granting leave to amend is interlocutory in nature until expiration of the amendment period and entry of final judgment by the trial court.”
Seriously, what lawyer led Judge Eig into that kind of fundamental error?

God I need to focus today.

Friggin' Hague Service Convention:
When process is served and return of process is completed by an official of a country that is a signatory to the Hague Service Convention in accordance with Article 6 of the Convention, as it was here, that service is sufficient, and any additional requirement which may be imposed by Florida law is pre-empted.
Again, that should be obvious.

Ok, I'm sick of writing things that should be obvious to anyone with half a sentient thought.


Alright, one more:

You need to preserve error.

(Did I really just write that?)

I'm done.

I feel a little better now.


  1. I'm glad I gave up on trying to write one of your DCA Watch thingies. I am powerful beyond measure. Galaxies shake with my every breath. But I could have never written that!

  2. Funniest 3d DCA watch in a long time!

  3. He's an original.

  4. I hope Cooke throws the book at Stu.

  5. If you're feeling bored SFL, you could always play "Bolero" on full blast. :))

  6. Great job, and in answer to your question the Court actually quoted the lawyer and mentioned him by name.

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