A Poetic Endorsement Of Amendment 2

Bravo to The Sun Sentinel for this!
Forget the politicians, self-styled experts and pollsters. Amendment 2 is about helping sick people. 
The amendment would change the state constitution to legalize medical marijuana. It gives doctors a tool to help patients facing death or fighting to live another day. It allows the sickest patients to decide for themselves whether medical marijuana is right for them. And it gives the state ample room to regulate how marijuana dispensaries operate and to oversee who issues and receives a card identifying patients eligible to buy medical marijuana. 
Amendment 2, placed on the Nov. 4 ballot by a grassroots initiative, is necessary to accomplish what Florida lawmakers have failed to do. It makes available to people dealing with cancer, ALS and other debilitating diseases a drug known to alleviate pain, encourage appetite and offer significant quality-of-life improvements.
 And as I've said many times...
Under Amendment 2, the Florida Department of Health would be responsible for regulation of medical pot. The department would, among other things, control patient identification cards, oversee treatment centers and determine reasonable amounts of marijuana for medical use. 
Elected officials in Tallahassee failed to heed a growing public demand for medical marijuana. We are here because the public's hand was forced. Yet how we got here is not as important as where we have yet to go. That includes careful regulation, but more importantly it means quickly making available to suffering patients a treatment that we know works. 
Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, has famously admitted he bought marijuana for a friend in pain in the 1980s. He bought it for a Methodist minister dying of cancer, when nothing else worked. 
Think about that minister when you go to vote. Think about the up to 400,000 people the Florida Department of Health reports might benefit from treatment with medical marijuana. Think about the 783,000 registered voters who signed a petition to get Amendment 2 on the ballot — and the sick people they love. 
Amendment 2 is not about fear of problems that might or might not happen. Voters should approve medical marijuana because it promises better, safer and more compassionate care.
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