Bondi; Tired, Played Out, Yesterday's News

As with her first and second marriages, Pam Bondi doesn't get what she wants.
A Florida appeals court has refused to let Attorney General Pam Bondi take the state's gay marriage ban directly to the Florida Supreme Court. 
The 3rd District Court of Appeal on Friday indicated it will likely rule itself on previous decisions striking down the Miami-Dade and Monroe counties bans. 
Several Florida judges ruled this summer that Florida's ban is unconstitutional but stayed their rulings until other cases around the country were resolved, including those pending with the U.S. Supreme Court. It recently declined to hear appeals from five states that sought to keep their marriage bans in place. The American Civil Liberties Unions, and attorneys for the couples in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties then sued to overturn the stay. 
If they prevail, Bondi could then go to the Supreme Court.
I'll say it again – this is all a giant waste of tax dollars for a crass political purpose. Help us George Sheldon, you're our only hope!

Video is NSFW for Sandra Bernhard. Oh baby Christmas!


  1. it is so easy to get married many times if you have money :D

  2. Bondi had 2 actual marriages that ended in divorce and now she's living in an 'unofficial marriage' so I'm giving her a half. Half more than she's allowing me.


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