It's Official: We're Sweet on Julie Braman Kane!

There's no question Julie will be inscribed and sealed into the Book of Life:
Julie’s work for the American Association for Justice (AAJ) is her way of protecting the United States Constitution’s Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial and access to courts. This work that speaks to her heart, not only protects her current and future clients, but protects all of our constitutional rights. Julie is most proud of her work with the Voter Protection Action Committee, the AAJ’s national election protection program that protects the voting rights of American citizens whose access to the polls is limited.

Julie started and chaired the Voter Protection Action Committee in 2012, when voter suppression legislation was on the rise across America. As chair, Julie helped ensure that U.S. citizens voting rights were assured and their ballots were counted during the 2012 election. Under her leadership, the Voter Protection Action Committee is gearing up again to partner with other national organizations to ensure that all legitimate votes are counted during the November 2014 election.

This very busy dedicated woman has been married to Jeffrey Kane for almost 20 years and is the mother of three wonderful children: Jonah, 15, and twins Annie and Sophie, 9. When she is not working, volunteering or spending time with her family, she enjoys walking, reading and baking.
She's such a multi-tasker she probably does all three at the same time!


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  3. Way to go, Julie!

  4. A young Pat Seitz!


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