Laurence Leavy: The Marlins Man!

I had forgotten we're in the middle of a World Series, but then the Herald reminded me with this photo:

I love this guy!

Apparently he's a Broward workers' comp attorney named Laurence Leavy.

He's done more with this gesture to promote the Marlins and create good will in this community than that entire organization has ever done in its history.

The Sun-Sentinel has more:
Laurence Leavy is a 58-year-old lawyer with an office in Davie and a lot of spare money to travel to sports events. Super Bowls. Horse races. If you cull the internet, he's wearing his orange Marlins jersey in a sea of white at the "White-Hot" Heat playoff games.

ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted he didn't know who the "Marlins guy" was - and Leavy tweeted him back with his phone number for all in the Twitter-verse to see. ESPN's Keith Olbermann named those criticising him, "Today's Worst Person in the Sports World." He also described Leavy as "wearing that glow-in-the-dark, possibly nuclear-powered orange Marlins shirt and/or jacket.''(The Miami Herald's Clark Spencer wrote about him in this story.)
Larry, if you've got time, send us an email -- we'd love to chat with you! 

My first question:  Tell me you didn't pay retail for that outfit -- it's forever been in the discount racks at the Ross downtown. 

(Hey, these are the things I'm interested in.)


  1. Today's fashion tip: Spend less time at Ross, more time at Nordstrom Rack!

  2. After reading the article and the bank that guy is making, I have decided to open up my own workers comp practice...holy moley.

    On second though, Mr. Levy, you hiring?

  3. He is free to go to whatever event he likes and wear whatever clothes he wants, but I am free to state the opinion that he looks like a clown sticking out of place and wearing his hat sideways. What a goofball.

  4. Sorry but wearing the jersey of a team to a game when two other teams are playing is just stupid.


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