Plan B

Should Amendment 1 and other efforts to prevent the end of all life on Earth fail, it's good to have a Plan B!
Don’t worry about climate change guys. If we destroy this planet, we’ll just move to another one! Well, not exactly another planet, but another planet’s moon. According to a paper to be published in the prestigious Science journal on Friday, scientists have reason to believe that one of Saturn’s “Death Star” moon, Mimas, houses an underground ocean. Either that, or something else strange is going on underneath its cratered surface. And if that something is indeed a body of water, then we may be looking at our Plan B for humanity, in case we fail to address global warming and other environmental issues. And though Mimas might not be nearly as pretty as Earth — a gray, crater-ridden moon doesn’t have much on the greens and blues of our planet — we’re in no place to be particularly picky. 
In case you didn't notice, this Mimas place is a very low rent district. The whole surface area of the moon is about the same as Spain and the complete lack of a breathable atmosphere makes pool days few and far between.

Let's protect what we've got.