Rule 11, Rule!

This is how it's done.
"The decision that I make today is based on legal conclusions rather than policy considerations. I believe the first duty of the AG is to be a good lawyer. Lawyers live under rule 11, which provides it is unethical for a lawyer to file a pleading for the purpose of delay rather than to achieve a result. The probability of the 9th Circuit reversing today's district court decision is ZERO. The probability of the US Supreme Court accepting review of the 9th circuit decision is also ZERO. Therefore the only purpose that would be served by filing another appeal would be to waste the taxpayers' money. That is not a good conservative principle. I have decided not to appeal today's decision, which would be an exercise in futility and would only serve to waste the taxpayers' money."
Do you hear that Pam Bondi? It's the sound of integrity.


  1. Is Rule 11 a Federal Rule, and is there a Rule 11 that applies to Florida attorneys?

  2. Just Another InternOctober 21, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    He'll never last.


  3. Why wouldn't he claim the district court opinion is constitutionally correct rather than argue the court was wrong but he just doesn't see a legal basis for appeal? It seems like pandering to the Hobby Horse crazies while attempting to garner moderate support. Ergo, "practicality" is more apt than "integrity."

  4. @4:35

    You want conservatives to admit they were wrong? Now that is optimism!


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