Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes for strange bedfellows and that's more than true this election cycle.
The only thing social conservatives and LGBT activists in San Diego’s 52nd congressional district agree on is that they don’t want Carl DeMaio, the openly gay Republican candidate, to be their next congressman. 
Social conservatives have made a deal with the devil, urging voters to support incumbent Democratic Representative Scott Peters over DeMaio. Meanwhile, the candidate never managed to convince the local LGBT community that he was a strong advocate for gay rights. 
This week the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay rights/pro-traditional marriage group, joined Republicans and Independents for Scott Peters, a coalition of religious leaders and individuals who would rather see a straight Democrat in office than a gay Republican.
Gay Republicans! Admittedly, I was one for a brief period of time. It was the kind of dirty feeling no amount of bathing could remedy. But if any mixture is more combustible than social conservatives and gays, it has to be social conservatives and Vegas!

The "No On (Amendent) 2" campaign is being almost exclusively funded by grumpy gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson. The foot soldiers of that campaign are Florida's staunchly anti-marijuana and anti-gambling evangelical community.

To his credit, Sheldon Adelson couldn't care less about medical marijuana in Florida. In fact he's funding some of the most promising medical marijuana research being done.

What Adelson wants in return for his help defeating medical marijuana is to expand his gambling empire here to Florida. His support for the No On 2 campaign is just a crass way of greasing the palms of Florida's Republican establishment.

But when the time comes for Adelson to get his payback, those same evangelicals working with him on defeating medical marijuana are going to be his strongest opposition to expanding casino gambling in Florida. Once, Adelson might have found allies among libertines like myself. But whenever that time may be, I'm certain that I'll be busy doing something completely unimportant.

Happy Halloween everyone! I'll be cavorting with the devil!


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