True Story -- The Herald Was Interesting This Morning!

Imagine my surprise, while perusing the car ads and health care plans in today's paper, that I learned something new:  it turns out Pam Bondi actually works for Dickstein Shapiro:
Cases involving Dickstein Shapiro clients that fizzled in Florida include Accretive Health, a Chicago-based hospital bill collection company shut down in Minnesota for six years because of abusive collection practices; Bridgepoint Education, a for-profit online school that Iowa attorney general Tom Miller said had engaged in “unconscionable” sales practices; Herbalife, which had been investigated by federal and state authorities; and online reservation companies, including Travelocity and Priceline, on allegations that they were improperly withholding taxes on hotel rooms booked in the state.
Since 2011, Dickstein Shapiro has contributed $122,060 to the Republican Attorneys General Association, a super PAC where Bondi sits on the executive committee and that contributed $750,000 to her re-election bid.

Dickstein’s partners and a client, ETC Capital, have also directly given $24,750 to Bondi’s campaign.
No offense to my friends at The Big Dick(stein), but come on Pam, don't slum when you go to DC! 

Think Jones Day, Arnold & Porter, Williams & Connolly -- reach for the moon, and if you fail fall gently into the warm embrace of Denny Hastert.

In other news, Bob Martinez deposed someone from the City about why our courthouse hasn't had a valid building certificate in forty years and learned that we live in a seriously f&*ked up place:
Over city objections, Judge Schumacher granted Martinez’s request to depose Miami officials and ordered the questioning to start hours later. By 1 p.m., Martinez was in a city conference room questioning city inspector Frank Rodriguez over why he posted the courthouse notice when he did.
Rodriguez said a supervisor had asked him to check a city database to see whether the courthouse address showed a current certification. When the computer search showed that it didn’t, Rodriguez said the notice was automatically generated and he attached it to the courthouse as happens regularly for about 10 buildings a day throughout the city.

“I haven’t been inside the building,” Rodriguez said of the courthouse. When Martinez asked who was in charge of actually inspecting the building for compliance to code regulations, Rodriguez replied: “The owner.”

Martinez also deposed a city fire inspector over safety compliance at the courthouse. When Martinez asked Lt. Bob Barea whether the courthouse had received a safety inspection, he replied: “I can’t tell you,” because the inspector with responsibility for that part of Miami retired earlier in the month.

“The testimony from the fire department was astonishing,” Martinez said afterward. “There are no records indicating there was ever a fire-safety inspection.” 
 Note to City/County/Whomever:  don't piss off the lawyers.

Finally, from the DBR, we learn that Bunker-Buster David Gersten is interested in STDs.

I kid -- good article, Your Honor!

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  1. I was so wrong to call Pam Bondi a slut. Sluts don't charge.

  2. The article was not slung together by Kaput-o, but thoughtfully written by a real news reporter from a real newspaper - the Tampa Bay Times.

  3. of course the implicit assumption is that Miami voters read the Miami no need for damage control from the Bondi camp


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