Why Does the State Continuously Try and Lose Citrus Canker Cases?

Not a fan, but perhaps this is an occasion where using the word "seriatim" might make sense:
Doherty is expected to allow $12.9 million in prejudgment interest through Oct. 6 when the final judgment was entered. This would bring the total award to $31.7 million, Gilbert said. This was the fourth plaintiff win on compensation. A Lee County jury award $7.9 million on July 3, and $5.6 million was added Aug. 18 in prejudgment interest.

Previous verdicts favored plaintiffs in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Those judgments were upheld on appeal on the issue of liability. Because of that, Gilbert is seeking a motion for summary judgment on liability in the Miami-Dade Circuit class action. The hearing is set for late November.
This is my favorite part of what has turned out to be a decade-long, near-continuous legal blood bath:
Defense case: Parsons did not respond to a request for comment by deadline.
Is there any more that needs to be said?
Are these cases lumbering on like the "dead hand" Soviet anti-nuclear strategy, or is there someone/anyone in charge who can bring these things to a rational end?


  1. Does this mean I have to do Fangazhi?

  2. Taxpayer dollars to pay private attorneys to lose cases. Hello Florida!

  3. Millions for defense, not a penny in tribute.

  4. I won the debate!!!


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