You Have Been Charged With The Crime Of Seeking Relief

Floridians Should Not Face Arrest For Medical Care.

Montel Williams says yes on 2!
In 1999, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Sixteen years later, I can honestly say not a single second of my life has gone by where I have been unaware of my disease. Because of my condition, I experience neuropathic pain 24 hours a day, have battled severe depression and experienced intense periods of suicidal ideation. Although multiple sclerosis has changed nearly every aspect of my life, I've never let it control or define who I am. I work every day to beat this disease through a rigorous exercise regimen, strict diet and physical therapy. 
In early attempts to manage the painful symptoms of my disease, doctors prescribed me every powerful painkiller you can imagine — Percocet, Oxycontin and Vicodin to name a few. My experience with these pharmaceutical interventions was nasty and ineffective at best, as they provided little to no symptom relief. I was just left with the miserable side effects you only read about on the side of the label. 
My current physicians recommended I try medical marijuana as part of my treatment protocol, and its use has provided me with more symptom relief than any drug previously prescribed to me. Only someone suffering from a debilitating disease could truly know how effective medical marijuana can be, and I can attest to it firsthand. I know that there are many more out there who can benefit from its proper use just as I have, and because of that I fully support Florida's Amendment 2. Patients deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion — not left as collateral damage on the political battlefield.
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