Descent Into Depravity!

Yes, I'm still stinging from the narrow defeat of Amendment 2. Medical marijuana should be a nonissue. It is inarguably safer than most of the Rx drugs on the market and the evidence is pouring in that it has broad medical applications. Either the legislature will act to bring the compassionate use of medical marijuana to Florida soon, or advocates like myself will get this issue on the ballot again in 2016. Then, the logic goes, a larger percentage of younger voters will give us a better shot of hitting that 60% mark.

The real discussion we should be having is on outright legalization. We already know that marijuana is far less deadly than our 2 legal recreational drugs – alcohol and tobacco. And by 'less deadly' I mean not deadly at all. I have yet to see a single so-called 'marijuana related death' that did not contain a mix of individual factors that would have led to death without marijuana in the equation.

Sure, Colorado has seen a spike of emergency room visits for marijuana overdoses. Headlines of such events are splashed all over the nation. But the thing about those 'emergencies' is that while they are frighting for the victim, they are NEVER lethal. No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose. The same cannot be said of alcohol or nicotine.

But marijuana is a drug that affects the mind! Watch now as its sinister evil turns these mild-mannered grandmothers into depraved hussies – cursing at the dawn – spitting violence and death upon themselves and all around them.

This is what we must prevent! This is what we cannot allow! What about the children?

*possible NSFW for language

(actually they just chilled, played some games, and laughed a little)


  1. I don't know if it was the weed, or the mind set that led them to weed, but every crazy whore I banged in college lived to smoke the reefer.

  2. Remember 5:37 that causality is one thing and correlation is another.

  3. Sure it's safe.

  4. @8:00

    Some changes are good. I've been reading tons of research that shows marijuana smokers don't get Alzheimer's. There must be a "change" that protects them.

    I'm not saying that there are no negatives with marijuana. I am saying that those negatives are considerably less than those that occur with other recreational drugs.

    What happens to "prolonged" smokers and drinkers again?


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