Happy Time Party Vapors!

What a great night for corporate polluters and sexually frustrated prohibitionists! Vagina regulation is IN and environmental regulation is OUT!

Yes, medical marijuana lost in Florida but the reek of happy time party vapors is strong on the west coast, with Alaska and Oregon joining Washington and Colorado as places where you don't need a bothersome tumor or 'convenient' degenerative neurological condition to justify that dime bag. Still, we came agonizingly close here, with a strong 57% of people rejecting the millions of dollars spent propagating reefer madness.

So what happened? This happened.

But all is not lost and there were a few consolation prizes. Amendment 1 passed, and Amendment 3 rightfully failed.

But the big failure was with the Democrats who seem either unable or unwilling to make the case for their own existence. Hiding under rocks from the Obama presidency worked out real well for them. What they should have been doing is boldly brandishing their accomplishments in unapologetic swagger.

We are now in a record stretch of uninterrupted job growth. Obamacare is working and, obviously, not killing jobs. The deficit is way down, and the slow growth in healthcare expenditures bodes well for our nation's longterm budget issues. The markets are at record highs and while income inequality has a lot of people still in pain, it has been the Republicans blocking commonsense remedies to that issue like raising the minimum wage and investing in our crumbling infrastructure.

If I can articulate that here in a few sentences why can't they?

Until we get money out of politics we will continue to have the worst government that money can buy for the simple reason that it is bought.


  1. The democrats should spam about Obamacare more. Also hashtags, more hashtags!

  2. The public hates pussies and I'm not talking about vaginas.

  3. Yes correct. Democrats should spam about obamacare.

  4. Just Another InternNovember 6, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    Let's get the money out of politics and give even more advantage to incumbents and political machines.

  5. Getting money out of politics gives more power to the people and less power to the political machines, if it's done right.


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