I Have Found the World's Most Boring Civil Case!

I actually dozed off twice while reading it.

Any opinion that takes thirteen pages before you even know what the case is about or what claims are being asserted should be warning that two cups of coffee will be necessary to get through it:
Finally, the SRA reiterated ANI’s reporting obligations, including ANI’s duty to provide, on written request, copies of all purchase orders verifying the sale price for all sales by it or any of its affiliated companies, id., § 4(d), and, on reasonable notice, any invoices, policies, or related documents underlying any storage expenses deducted from Zaki’s share of the sales, id. at 24, § 6(c). ANI also promised to account separately for each of the three lots Zaki had consigned to it. Id. at 25, § 8(e).
That's pretty much the highlight right there.


  1. Agree. Marcia must be thrilled to have it back.


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