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Immigration Imagination

While the talking heads at Fox News are having a collective heart attack over Emperor Obama's pending immigration reforms, Fox News Latino has an entirely different take.
Any day now, President Obama will announce his executive action on immigration, and conservative lawmakers are not happy. "This is the wrong way to govern,” said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sent a letter to the White House warning the president against taking executive action, and questioning his authority to do so. 
Like it or not, the president has authority to act alone on immigration. Not only has the Supreme Court recognized the president’s discretion over immigration matters, presidents have been taking unilateral action on immigration for decades.   
Under Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution, the president is required to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Broadly speaking, President Obama has fulfilled this responsibility. He is responsible for record levels of deportations, and his administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement in 2012. Every night, there are roughly 34,000 undocumented immigrants in detention. So it is a stretch to charge that Obama is not “faithfully executing” immigration laws.    
Yet just as the president has the duty to enforce immigration laws, he has the power to set immigration enforcement priorities. 
Wouldn't it be funny if the people from Fox News read the reporting by Fox News Latino? Or what if they met in a bar sometime?

And remember to GIVE. 


  1. So now he's half black, half white, and half Messican?

  2. According to that song he's magic!

  3. The Gw who stands for everything stands for nothing.

  4. I'm used to getting it in the eye. Occupational hazard. But I do demand dinner first. 3 courses and a pudding or I'm walking.

  5. Judge Schwartz and Judge Cohen made the same comment. That is clear. The difference here is Bob Levy reviewed Schwartz's statement and felt it was appropriate. (Yep, not donating or supporting anyone that hires Bob Levy.) Then again his record, arrest, speaks for itself.

    Hector Lombana protected Cohen when he had the juice which we all know he is trying hard to salvage, but thankfully it is gone. Now, he plays coy and goes after Schwartz after he ran someone against Judge Thomas on a alleged racial platform and pointless issue of tardiness. He was against insurance companies and targeted Judge Saenz, though he served as treasurer for Judge Smith. Remember both were insurance attorneys and received the same support in this past election. Then Hector in all of his wisdom of ambulance chasing calls Judge Schwartz and "idiot" and thinks that is fine and dandy. Wait for it... He called Judge Saenz on social media and Judge Thomas at the court worse. This fella represents CABA? One must wonder what CABA thinks about their own past president being an "idiot" himself and calling judges "idiots" and threatening them. Noting that Hector is running the "HISPANICS FOR JUDICIAL FAIRNESS" since August 6, 2013 may shed some light as to why he is attacking judges. As we recall a few years back, Hector had Robert Petrieta serve as a "campaign consultant" and was paid $25K to help a certain female judge. It has been several years later and no one can verify what Robert did and how a man that can demand $25K, only ran one campaign and basically did nothing.

    Here is what we expect: For Julie Kay to research these allegations and get to the bottom of Hector's malfunction. As we recall most of these activities happen when he was a JNC member, campaign treasurer and Florida Bar member. This sounds like an Ethics Commission, Inspector General and Florida Bar matter for Hector.

    By the way Julie, if the candidate cannot do certain things like speak ill of the seating judge, neither should the treasurer. Additionally, the judiciary should not be smeared by a member. It is a disgrace to all. These tactics must stop.

  6. This immigration issue may bring more divisive commentary from Hector Lombana and the minority bar associations as keeps happening. Let us not forget that in this case actions and words speak for themselves.

    Hector shows that even though he escaped a dictatorial government as a child, he never left that mindset.

  7. You mean Hector left Bautista's violent regime, from whom his family profited, and his family sent all their money to bank of NY in advance of the revolution, based on advance warning?

  8. The Borowitz Report headline today was a classic!

    "Republicans Accuse Obama Of Treating Immigrants like Humans".

  9. Cubans think they are special Latinos; the elite members of the Republican club. Little do they know that Republicans consider them mud people too.

  10. Why is Saul Cimbler still not admitted? what other impediments exist to his re admission to the Florida Bar now that the income tax issues related to being a Willy Falcon operative have been exposed ?

    Tax Liens?......Why would anyone hire a mediator who was suspended and not readmitted?

  11. Dang Hector! Seriously. Stop being such a come mierda. Being a mediator and a lawyer are two different things. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Just being a JNC member, bar admitted, consultant and campaign treasurer are all relates. Being a mediator and not active on the bar is very different. You follow?

    Will you be writing a book on how to become a former president of former presidents of CABA? They are kicking you out for all the hot mess you are creating correct?


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