Monday Dump Jump

SFL is base jumping Trollveggen today so you're stuck with me kiddies!

Of all the losses on election day this year, one was particularly bad for civil liberties in the U.S.
America’s rising civil liberties movement lost one of its strongest advocates in the US Congress on Tuesday night, as Colorado’s Mark Udall lost his Senate seat to Republican Cory Gardner. While the election was not a referendum on Udall’s support for civil liberties (Gardner expressed support for surveillance reform, and Udall spent most of his campaign almost solely concentrating on reproductive issues), the loss is undoubtedly a blow for privacy and transparency advocates, as Udall was one of the NSA and CIA’s most outspoken and consistent critics. Most importantly, he sat on the intelligence committee, the Senate’s sole oversight board of the clandestine agencies, where he was one of just a few dissenting members. 
I opposed unwarranted domestic surveillance under Bush and I oppose it under Obama. What's bad is bad – objective reality. Consistency. You can't read conservative message boards without encountering the mindless prattling on about "Obama's tyranny." But if the right really cared about civil liberties in the U.S. they would have rallied around Mark Udall instead of CIA do-boy Cory Gardener. But it's not tyranny when they do it!

So if you'd like to meet SFL in person just head to the Troll Wall, you have a few hours before the big jump. And don't worry, I made him take my favorite pair of jet-boots just in case that parachute goes all wiggy. Safety first!


  1. Sadly dem loyalists defend Obama when he continues and normalizes Bush programs they once condemned. Now you know why I jump.

  2. Tyranny has nothing to do with a militarized police force and everything to do with universal coverage. /s

  3. Serious question- is SFL really base-jumping?

  4. Yes, with jet boots.

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