"One Take" Spencer -- The Dude Nailed It!

First, the positives -- the outfit is actually quite stylish, knit ties are making a comeback, and the added wind tunnel effect makes it seem that he is recording live right outside the courthouse, as opposed to a green screen from his office in the Gables.

The negatives -- no homeless photo bomb!


  1. The "Southern District of the United States District Court System." That's inaccurate, yet, given that we're in Miami, oddly accurate at the same time.

  2. The measure of all men.

  3. He is wrong. If the cruise does not originate in, stop in, or return to a US port, the case will not end up here. Just ask the folks (including Americans) on the cruise ship that Carnival ran aground in Italy. They were forum nonned back to Italy.

  4. Outakes...

    "Hi, I'm spencer Aronfeld and you're not."

    "Hi...ummm..." CUT

    "Hey now!" CUT

    "Hi I'm Spencer Aronfeld,,,," passerby yells "BABA BOOEY HOWARD STERN'S PENIS BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY"
    SA: "That's it. I'm sung Howard. Call the girls at the office. Cancel all leaves. Everyone works until we get this complaint out."

    "Hi I'm Spencer Aronfeld...ughhhh. " A phalanx of US Marshals tackles the strange man making videos of the Federal Court house.
    SA: "Hey...you can't do that....gimme my iphone back. Gimmee give it here...ouch, no fair kicking and biting. I'm a lawyer and you sir are in a lot of trouble. OW. Stop punching!!"

  5. Camera pans to the top floor balcony of the office across the street, where actual trial lawyers work...they are looking down, laughing at the civil lawyer talk about what it is like to try a case.

  6. Fake Spencer's WorldNovember 14, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    Courthouses can be dangerous. They are flooded and filled with mold, asbestos, and decrepit support beams.

    Oh wait, that's state court.

  7. Spencer is a hardworking and honest guy. I attended the Lawyers to the Rescue event at the Camillus House. I don't know many lawyers who would work so hard for the homeless for free.

  8. Clearly SFL is a friend or fan.

  9. Right. Much in the same way that we all admire Kim Kardashian.

  10. Which one broke the internet?

  11. everybody is a Spencer fan at first, until he does you wrong. ...Which inevitably happens.

  12. I think that was a hit country music song:

    "My civil lawyer spencer done me wrong....
    my wife got the money
    all I got was this song
    My civil lawyer spencer done me wrong..."


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