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The Power of Propaganda: It Could Be Worse

'You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.'  — George W. Bush

Yesterday I posted this video showing how a 6 million dollar ad campaign can give us a 20 point swing in the polls. That is the power of propaganda.

Even as the country elected a wave of Republicans to office, they also voted overwhelmingly for progressive amendments and referendums that are the exact opposite of the Republican agenda. That is the power of propaganda.

75% of voters approved Amendment 1 to protect Florida's environment, and simultaneously they reelected Gov. Rick Scott, a man with an absolutely dismal record on the environment
South Dakota, Arkansas, and Nebraska are solidly conservative, but residents of all three states voted in the midterm elections to raise their states’ minimum wages. That’s paradoxical, given that the standard conservative position is that higher minimum wages kill jobs by making low-skilled workers too expensive for employers to hire.
When you put a progressive policy in front of the voters, they say 'yes!' But the power of propaganda is such that people are confused to the point that they are no longer able to connect the policies they support to the politicians who champion them.

Maybe that's because there hasn't been a lot of progressive championing going on. Republicans run as conservatives, and Democrats as conservative lite. But there is clearly a hunger for progressive policies in this country and one or both of the parties should capitalize on it.

Could be better. Could be worse.

'If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.'  — Thomas Jefferson


  1. Just Another InternNovember 6, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    Personal and economic freedom.

  2. Economic freedom can mean a lot of things – the freedom from slave wages or the freedom to pay slave wages?

    Red states raising the minimum wage speaks to the former.

  3. Amazing post. Dead accurate.

  4. Amendment 1 will be a disaster. The legislature will have to replace all of those hundreds of millions of dollars lost from the budget and now dedicated to environmental preservation.

    They will do one of two things:

    1) Take money that was otherwise going to the environment and do a lottery/education style swap that has happened in the past, or

    2) Take money away from programs or education that benefit the neediest among us.

  5. Thanks 9:50!


    You know what I consider a disaster? Not having enough potable water to sustain a civilization. Money is just paper dude. Amendment 1 restores funds that were being pilfered for other issues to begin with. You don't seem to realize that.

    Maybe taxes will have to go up a little. OMG

  6. Hippie Hater is back! Thanks for taking a break from the comments section of World Net Daily to join us and share some good old racial resentment!

  7. Hippie hater is banned. OMG? No, OMGW.

  8. Right, because the legislature we have will raise taxes.

    Florida has plenty of water - and potable water does not mean what you seem to think it means.

    All the money in the world is not going to save our ground water - particularly the Biscayne aquifer - as sea level rise causes salt water to pour through our limestone bedrock.

  9. Besides, GW is too fucking stupid to understand any issue beyond the surface, which is why you believe Amendment 1 will actually be a net gain for the overall quality of live of Floridians.

  10. The earth is doomed, so let's not do anything!

    Nihilism much?

    As I said in my AMAZING post on Amendment 1, it's probably too little, but it is something. You don't like it? Well TFB. It passed.

  11. If I told you my IQ you'd think I was bragging. So let's just say that calling me stupid is like calling Karen Carpenter fat.

  12. I have decided to split my posts up, so as to divide my comments into the vanilla and the potentially offensive; that way the reasonable moderators of this forum can edit as they see fit.

  13. Who is reasonable? I'm the Godwhacker.

  14. In case it isn't obvious, GW is incapable of being exposed as a douchbag hypocrite, it makes his pathetically small dick shrivel to sizes even he could not have imagined it could shrink. Therefore, I am dividing my comments so that GW can delete those that make his ridiculously small penis even smaller. That way a discussion can be had and GW won't have to retreat to the bowls of his home to grab a microscope to search for his erection.

  15. I'm going to leave up your foul comments today. They do more to damage you than anything I could say.

  16. Shoot, that backfired. You win. I quit.

  17. I like the new avatar, GW. Nice abs.


    Is this a good thing for the cause? Finally scotus stepping in?

  19. @5:17

    Losing is bad, SCOTUS stepping in is good!

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