Truth or Consequences/Schoolboy Blues -- A Reinterpretation!

Here's a reinterpretation of that order from yesterday using a different jumping off point:
In 1970, toward the end of the Rolling Stones' contract with Decca Records, the label demanded that the Stones release their final single on Decca per contract before they could move to their self-owned record label, Rolling Stones Records.  In a farewell "flip off" to the staid suited Decca record execs, the Stones recorded a wildly salacious number that had no hope of ever becoming a hit record for their former label.  The bawdy lyrics, unprintable for the most part here, include "I ain't got no money/But I know where to put it every time."

In the instant copyright infringement case, Plaintiff, Lorelei Television, C.A. (“Plaintiff” or “Lorelei”) did not "know where to put it every time" in discovery and it now must do what the schoolboy in that infamous song must do -- confront the consequences. Unlike the consequences envisioned in Mick Jagger's parting shot to his former label, however, the consequences here will not be happy for Plaintiff. On the other hand, the consequences will fall short of the full‐fledged happiness enjoyed by that young lonesome schoolboy in Leicester Square.
Hey, this is fun!


  1. someone needs to get over himself

  2. Arguably the best judge -- USMJ or USDJ -- in the Southern District.

  3. Judge Rosenbaum is now getting in on the music reference action:

    It looks like we have a can-you-top-this music reference battle between Judges Carnes, Rosenbaum, and Goodman. So. Fla, you decide the winner.

  4. Good catch! Gotta give it to Robin -- the reference is to a cool Billy Preston song, the reference actually fits in context, plus she's Robin.


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