I don't know about this election, but when 2016 comes along I'll be voting Robot Nixon!

You may ask, "Godwhacker, you're a stinking-commie-liberal-pinko-homo, how can you support a Republican robot?"

Easy peasy folks, just look at the platform that Nixon ran on.

On Labor
Organized labor has contributed greatly to the economic strength of our country and the well-being of its members. The Republican Party vigorously endorses its key role in our national life. 
We support an equitable minimum wage for American workers—one providing fair wages without unduly increasing unemployment among those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder—and will improve the Fair Labor Standards Act, with its important protections for employees. 
The forty-hour week adopted 30 years ago needs re-examination to determine whether or not a shorter work week, without loss of wages, would produce more jobs, increase productivity and stabilize prices.
On Science
In science and technology the nation must maintain leadership against increasingly challenging competition from abroad. Crucial to this leadership is growth in the supply of gifted, skilled scientists and engineers. Government encouragement in this critical area should be stable and related to a more rational and selective scheme of priorities. 
Vigorous effort must be directed toward increasing the application of science and technology, including the social sciences, to the solution of such pressing human problems as housing, transportation, education, environmental pollution, law enforcement, and job training. We support a strong program of research in the sciences, with protection for the independence and integrity of participating individuals and institutions. An increase in the number of centers of scientific creativity and excellence, geographically dispersed, and active cooperation with other nations in meaningful scientific undertakings will also have our support. 
On the Poor
The inability of the poor to cope meaningfully with their environment is compounded by problems which blunt opportunity—inadequate income, inferior education, inadequate health care, slum housing, limited job opportunities, discrimination, and crime. 
Full opportunity requires a coordinated attack on the total problem through community human development programs. Federal revenue sharing would help provide the resources to develop such coordinated programs. 
I'm not making this shit up. You can view the whole thing here, and it is so liberal reads like it was written by Rachel Fracking Maddow. So yes, I have seen the future of politics and it is antiquated robot Republicans! They sure beat the hell out of the loons the GOP is putting up these days.

Did I remind you to vote?


  1. He also opened relations with our enemy China and ended the war (after prolonging it to win reelection). Even his old school Jew rants seem quaint by comparison with some of our modern day wackos.

  2. Prolonging a war and death for political advantage is just good politics. It's not as if the cannon fodder will every realize how you're abusing them. At least, not until it's too late!

  3. Oh the good old days when even the Republican platform was liberal--remember how great the 70's were!

  4. Where is our time traveler when we need him???

  5. Why thank you Princess!

  6. As every cell in Chile will tell
    The cries of the tortured men
    Remember Allende and the days before
    Before the army came
    Please remember Victor Jara, in the Santiago stadium
    Es verdad, those Washington bullets again

  7. The support for brutal dictatorships was and remains the great shame of American foreign policy.


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