We Answer To A Higher Authority

Does anyone remember the Zion Coptics? They tried and failed to make the case that their religious liberties trumped the law, and that the 1st Amendment allowed them to smoke copious amounts of righteous herb. They were easy to dismiss back in the day; long-haired, lazy, pot smoking hippies.

That same claim is back, this time from a more 'respectable' source.
When Emily Herx first took time off work for in vitro fertilization treatment, her boss offered what sounded like words of support: "You are in my prayers." Soon those words took on a more sinister meaning. The Indiana grade school where Herx was teaching English was Catholic. And after church officials were alerted that Herx was undergoing IVF—making her, in the words of one monsignor, "a grave, immoral sinner"—it took them less than two weeks to fire her. 
Herx filed a discrimination lawsuit in 2012. In response, St. Vincent de Paul School and the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, her former employers, countered with an argument used by a growing number of religious groups to justify firings related to IVF treatment or pregnancies outside of marriage: Freedom of religion gives them the right to hire (or fire) whomever they choose. But the diocese took one big step further. It is arguing that, in this instance, its religious liberty rights protect the school from having to go to court at all.
Funny thing, watching that video I learned that Thomas Reilly, also known as Brother Louv, was/is(?) a raging homophobe who decried abortion and contraception. He has more in common with the Catholics than I realized!



  1. Just Another InternNovember 18, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    The more the Government insinuates itself into our lives, the more these conflicts arise.

  2. The more the religion insinuates itself into our lives, the more these conflicts arise.



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