Does This Lawyer Know How the Intertubes Work?

BREAKING -- an urgent message from the overlords in Atlanta:
Recently, we received a report from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts that when an attorney in one of the district courts logged into CM/ECF, a message popped up inviting him to take a survey from the bankruptcy court. He thought it was legitimate and clicked "OK."  At that point his computer was infected with a virus. 
Please know that we do NOT currently have a survey being sent through CM/ECF or any other source.  If you receive an email or pop-up requesting your participation in a survey from our court, do not open it.  Please delete it. 
Also we are NOT soliciting legal representation on a collection matter from a random unknown business in China, our dear deceased relative from Burundi does NOT want to transfer 30 million to your law firm operating account, and if you click here you will NOT receive a free iPad.

That is all.


  1. North Korea again?

  2. 85 year old lawyer?

  3. Let it be known I have a thriving China- collection practice with several cases in the works. Also, I am representing several individuals throughout the African continent who have had deceased relatives leave them a large sum of money in a bank account. These are serious cases and require a serious lawyer with the skill and ability to represent foreign clients. I am announcing my availability to partner with other lawyers to assist them and their clients if they have a case like this. Please call me- 1-800-Sa-China and 1-888-SA-Africa.
    Thank you.

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