Driving While Gay Married

We all know that driving while black can be a major faux pas, but I usually feel pretty safe driving while gay. Not any more.
Daniel and Scott Wall-DeSousa were married in New York last December and had their names legally changed to a hyphenated form of their original surnames. But, as theOrlando Sentinel reports, when the Palm Bay, Florida, couple obtained drivers' licenses with their new married names, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles canceled them. 
Why won't Florida let these married gays drive? 
Florida is one of a shrinking minority of states in which gay marriage is neither recognized nor legally available. And while the couple is recognized by the Social Security Administration as the Wall-DeSousas, the married men have now filed a lawsuit to force the Florida DMV to do the same. 
Florida official gave the Palm Bay couple two choices: reapply for licenses with their former names or lose driving privileges. According to the Sentinel, Daniel Wall-DeSousa chose the latter, cutting his license in half (per the department's instructions) and mailing it back.
Nothing surprises me about this. As final victory in the fight for marriage equality draws near, the voices against it become more shrill and ridiculous. Having the same last name on a driver's license grants no privilege and the state's position on this matter is nothing but spiteful.

Pity the man
Waiting for a clue
Can't tell what to do with himself
Ends up as a fool who
Lives for someone else
Don't sit and cry
While the world passes by
Stop tagging after the other guy
Just get a line on that mother
And drive


Also folks, it is Giving Tuesday so let me recommend a fine local charity, Care Resource.