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Happy Festival of Lights!

Yes it's tonight!

(Who did Spencer pick???)

In other news, this lawyer doesn't like confidential settlements:
Once upon a time, lawsuits were not the secret they are now. Court filings included settlements instead of anonymous pleadings dismissing the case with no fault recognized.
Fast forward. Today, many personal injury claims, particularly in the areas of medical malpractice and product liability, confidentially settle on the terms and conditions required by the manufacturer or insurance company. It is time for this to change.

Years ago my firm represented a person injured by a defective airbag, the same defect now widely in the news for a possible national recall. Had the manufacturer not insisted on confidentiality as a condition for settlement, the defect could have been identified and communicated to consumers years earlier.

This would have saved lives and prevented life-altering injuries damages. Instead, we now — years later — face a massive recall that could have prevented more needless tragedy if done earlier. The previous lawsuits should have triggered a root cause analysis, to apprise the multiple car manufacturers that their supplier had problems long ago. 
The problem of course is that defendants insist upon this and courts routinely approve.

Oh well something to think about for 2015.

Tough loss for Gene, who blamed Judge Scola's jury instruction:
U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola, who had the case before Gayles, ruled jurors should be instructed that those statements were fraudulent. The SEC just needed to prove they were material to investors and were uttered by Levan knowing they were false.

"It was our view with that instruction you could not win this case," Stearns said.
Who else is psyched for the Mac on Friday!

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  1. He always blames the judge.

  2. From: Alan Levan
    To: Gene

  3. He picked the family of a the Miami man who had his head chopped off by Isis.


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